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About Me

​When I was a child and a teenager I was bullied in school, I was used as a doormat, I experienced abuse and trauma. I started to avoid people and situations, I had low self-esteem and low self-confidence. I could not express my thoughts and feelings freely and I was angry. At that time I had autism and my life from a psychological point of view was a big emotional mess. Later in life, I experienced more negative thoughts, feelings and emotions related to some psychological issues. I had phobias, depression, anxiety and panic attacks. At some point I said to myself - I have to let go of all these negative, thoughts, feelings and emotions. I did not want to look for outside help - doctors, psychologists, mental workers, etc. I explored myself and I dealt with my issues without outside help. These experiences led me to see what I want to do with my life. I decided that the best thing I could do was to help people facing the same or similar issues I had had. In this way, I can be of value to people and to the community and to society. During this time I investigated the invisible world of subtle energies, chakras and auras. I discovered things that sound impossible to science, psychology and traditional medicine. I used a lot techniques and exercises from this type of alternative medicine to heal myself and my world. Also, I studied with some institutions and universities to gain some more knowledge about mental ill health and I passed exams and gained certifications. Also, I studied and got certifications in Swedish massage, deep tissue massage and I have practiced Hawaiian massage to enhance my knowledge. I have practiced years of massage therapy and it is my joy to see how a client is happy, relaxed and in a better shape after the massage. I have combined the holistic system with the psychological approach to create a practical and down-to-earth program to help people. A program that works fast and I continue to explore, improve and polish my knowledge.

Achievements and Credentials:

  1. 800 hours plus studied materials from universities and colleges on mental health, psychology and counselling.
  2. Psychology course and certification from Oxford University.
  3. Counsellor Diploma from West Suffolk College.

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